Am I wandering or wondering?

I’ve always been an introspective boy. My grandma feared I was mute because I spent the first 2 years of my life listening instead of speaking. And about the time I began speaking, I started singing too.

One of my earliest memories is coming home from Sunday School (3 years old) and telling Jesus I believed in him and that I’d like to go to Heaven someday. Life was so simple when we were young.

I’ve walked and wandered with God all these years. Some days are brighter than others, and sometimes I feel terrifyingly alone. But we’re told not to be afraid because God knew we’d be afraid. And we’re told to trust because God knew that sometimes we’d doubt.

Growing up a Christian isn’t easy. You walk with God from the start and there’s no real black and white conversion moment like others have. You can’t point to a time and say, “that’s when I stopped sinning.”

The truth is, we’re all crooked souls trying to stay up straight. The church is a hospital full of sick people. And I’m no hero.

Most of my songs are about love and life and the fragments of beauty and tragedy in each. I don’t like cliché Christian music, so please don’t label me as such. But it’d be impossible to separate my faith from my music (or from any other part of my life, I hope).

But my wandering mind leads me to write more than songs. Sometimes there are things I can’t fit to melody, so that’s where this blog comes in. I’m trying to see things from a different perspective, to understand, and to explain my point of view the best I can. If you resonate with any of it, I hope you’ll stick around and say hey.

Prone to wander,

Mike Hirst